Digital Stories

The Power of Digital Stories

Digital stories weave images, music, narrative and voice together in video form, touching their creators and viewers in memorable and dramatic ways.

Making a digital story is an empowering and healing experience for youth, who spend four days learning movie-making and video editing software, writing and recording their own narrative, compiling and editing photographs, and choosing their own soundtrack.

Watching a digital story gives child welfare professionals, and other service providers for transition-age youth, an intimate glimpse into foster youths’ experiences—elevating compassion and offering insights into practice. Here are some comments from child welfare professionals about the impact of YTP Digital Stories:

“There is no more powerful tool to present the youth perspective and experience to adults.”

“They never fail to elicit a meaningful and sometimes emotional response from the viewer and a commitment to right the wrongs that exist in the system.”

Watch Georgette’s story about resiliency and the importance of looking behind the case notes.

Watch Kevin’s story about “doing what’s right” and how one group home provided a caring loving “family.”

Our Digital Stories can be used for training and conferences, but are most powerful when they are part of a facilitated training with a Y.O.U.T.H. Training Project speaker. We have two DVDs available, each with a collection of ten individual digital stories. The cost is $25 per DVD.

Our digital stories are created in workshops led by the Center for Digital Storytelling.  See more about the collections and order now.